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"Willie's approach to life!"

(from EMI literature)

"This down-on-his-luck hobo was patterned after a comic strip created for the Detroit Free Press which featured and endlessly inept hobo named "Wearie Willie." During the great depression, Emmett Kelly, Sr. and his wife's circus trapeze act could not get booked, however a clown act could...and Wearie Willie was born!

In the early 1960's Emmett Kelly, Jr. assumed the role of Wearie Willie. Since that time, for five months out of every year, he becomes the sad face hobo with red swollen nose, hat taped and tie clipped with a clothespin as he tours America capturing the hearts of millions. It is easy to understand why people everywhere enjoy his whimsical, yet poignant portrayal of Wearie

About the artist Peter Apsit.

Southern California artist Peter Apsit, better known as "The Master of Whimsey," has been sculpting for more than 20 years. Apsit, an art graduate of the University of Southern California, enjoys utilizing his talent to create art pieces depicting realistic whimsey and the joy of make believe. Through clay he creates mirthful, yet poignant figures such as Santa Claus, court jesters and clowns, which are later cast inbronze. In his latest series of works, Apsit bring to life America's best loved clown, Emmett Kelly, Jr. It is easy to see why his works are found around the world in the private collections of discerning buyers who appreciate his attention to fine detail!!

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Self Portrait

Sweeping Up

Coat Tails

The Maestro

Thinking of You

EK-001B, measures 141/2" H x 7" W x 10"
L, Weight=31 lbs. Limited to 2500. Price=$1,364.00

EK-002B, measures 181/2" H x 6" W x 6" L,
Weight=24 lbs. Limited to 2500. Price=$1,364.00

EK-003B, measures 141/2" H x 7" W x 10" L,
Weight=30 lbs. Limited to 2500. Price=$1,364.00

EK-004B, measures 14" H x 7" W x 10" L,
Weight=29 lbs. Limited to 2500. Price=$1,364.00

EK-005B, measures 141/2" H x 7" W x 10" L,
Weight=24 lbs. Limited to 2500. Price=$1,364.00

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