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"Victorious Knight"
after Maurice Favre.

"Prisoner of The Pirates"
after Villanis.

"Cupid with Bow"
after Houdon.

"Lion Hunt"
after Barye

Piece measures 13" H x 11" L ,

Piece measures 33" H,

Piece measures 26" H x 30" W,

Piece measures 22" H x 20" L

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Catalog Pages Thirty-Three Through Thirty-Five

Pieces Marked with Single Asterisk (*) Denotes Original Work of Art and/or Limited Editions - New Prices

  1. SCAT-208, Isis, by L. Hottot, SIZE= 15 1/2" H, PRICE= $1,100.00
  2. SCAT-209, Pirate & Treasure Chest, SIZE=19" H, PRICE= $940.00
  3. SCAT-210, The Camel, SIZE=14" H, PRICE= $980.00
  4. SCAT-211, Loving Care - Panther & Cub, SIZE= 12 1/2" H x 19" L, PRICE= $1,340.00
  5. SCAT-212, *Colt (logo)*, P. Lanning, SIZE=19" H, PRICE= $1,500.00
  6. SCAT-213, La Cornemuse, by Laloutte, SIZE=15" H, PRICE= $780.00
  7. SCAT-214, Royal Aristocrats, P. Preiss, SIZE= 23 1/2" H x 21" L x 15" W, PRICE= $1,800.00
  8. SCAT-215, Tiger Hunt, by Barye, SIZE=25 1/2" H x 28 1/2" L x 12" W, PRICE= $3,960.00
  9. SCAT-216, *Mermaid & Babe*, by Bill Layne, SIZE=20" H, PRICE= $1,560.00
  10. SCAT-217, Maiden in the Vineyard, by Moreau, SIZE=19" H x 16 1/2" L, PRICE= $1,960.00
  11. SCAT-218, Danseuse Arabe, by Chiparus, SIZE=20" H, PRICE= $1,200.00
  12. SCAT-219, Danseuse Salome, by Chiparus, SIZE=18" H, PRICE= $1,200.00
  13. SCAT-220, The Savior (Busch Estate Collection), SIZE=24" H, PRICE= $2,800.00
  14. SCAT-221, *Drive to the Finish*, by Rushing, SIZE=18" H x 27" L, PRICE= $2,760.00
  15. SCAT-222, *Girl in Shower with Mouse* by C. Montgomery, SIZE=22" H, PRICE= $550.00
  16. SCAT-223, *The Boxers*, by R. Arrieta, SIZE=12" x 14" LH, PRICE= $1,500.00
  17. SCAT-224, *The Ballet*, by Don Winton, SIZE=24" H x 17" L, PRICE= $2,800.00
  18. SCAT-225, *Gen. Adolf Galland (Bust)*, R. Arrieta, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $1,900.00
  19. SCAT-226 *Gen. "Jimmy" Doolittle (Bust)*, R. Arrieta, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $1,900.00
  20. SCAT-227(A), *Bomber Pilot (WW II)(Bust)*, Don Winton, SIZE=15" H, PRICE= $1,800.00 (B) *Bomber Pilot (WW II)(Bust)*, Don Winont, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $800.00
  21. SCAT-228, *Gen. George S. Patton (Bust)*, Arrieta, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $1,900.00
  22. SCAT-229, *Geronimo (Bust)*, by Alvarez, SIZE= 121/2" H, PRICE= $750.00
  23. SCAT-230, *Parkahanna (Bust)* Alvarez, SIZE= 12 1/2" H, PRICE= $750.00
  24. SCAT-231(A), *Dawn - Worshiping*, by R. Russell, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $1,200.00 (B), *Dawn - Sunkissed*, by R. Russell, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $1,200.00 (C), *Dawn - Daydreaming*, by R. Russell, SIZE=12" H, PRICE= $1,200.00 (D), *Dawn - Reclining*, by R. Russell, SIZE=6" H by 20" L, PRICE= $1,200.00
  25. SCAT-232, The Old Dragoons (Battle of 1850) by Frederic Remington, SIZE=15" H, PRICE= $2,500.00
  26. SCAT-233, Banjo Boy, SIZE=32 1/2" H, PRICE= $4,400.00
  27. SCAT-234, The British Grenadier, by Guillemin, SIZE=18" H, PRICE= $700.00
  28. SCAT-235, Aux Colonies (Brit. Soldier) Guillemin, SIZE=19" H, PRICE= $700.00
  29. SCAT-236, Courtjester / The Fool, SIZE=14" H, PRICE= $800.00
  30. SCAT-237, *Christopher Columbus (Bust)* Ves Zoric, SIZE= 14 1/2" H, PRICE= $1,300.00
  31. SCAT-238, *Ronald Reagan (Bust)*, by Don Winton, SIZE= 14 1/2" H, PRICE= $1,900.00
  32. SCAT-239, Statue of Liberty, SIZE=37 1/2" H, PRICE= $3,800.00
  33. SCAT-240, Jockey on Horse (med), by Bonheur, SIZE=24" H x 21" L, PRICE= $1,550.00
  34. SCAT-241, Jockey on Horse (large), by Bonheur, SIZE= 29 12" H x 351/2" L, PRICE= $2,100.00
  35. SCAT-242, Two Horse Accolade, P.J. Mene, SIZE= 18 1/2" H x 30" L, PRICE= $1,900.00
  36. SCAT-243, Baccanal with Goat, by Clodion, SIZE=26" H, PRICE= $2,340.00
  37. SCAT-244, *Centauress*, by C. Montgomery, SIZE=18" H x 17" L, PRICE= $1,040.00
  38. SCAT-245, Slave Trader, by Namgreb (Bergman), SIZE= 27 1/2" H, PRICE= $1,900.00
  39. SCAT-246, George Washington (1785 lifemask), by, Houdon, SIZE=241/2" H, PRICE= $6,000.00
  40. SCAT-247, *Quantas Parker*, by Alvarez, SIZE 12" H, PRICE= $750.00
  41. SCAT-248, Harvest Girl, by Rancoulet, SIZE= 17" H, PRICE= $1,100.00
  42. SCAT-249, Beatrix, by Forestiez, SIZE=34 1/2" H, PRICE= $2,400.00
  43. SCAT-250, Graziella, by A. Moreau, SIZE= 34" H, PRICE= $2,400.0
  44. SCAT-251, *California Beach Girl*, by C. Montgomery, SIZE= 291/2" H, PRICE= $1,700.00
  45. SCAT-252, Dog's Best Friend, by Chiparus, SIZE= 15" H x 24" L, PRICE= $2,400.00
  46. SCAT-253, *Shower Girl*, by C. Montgomery, SIZE= 27" H, PRICE= $1,800.00
  47. SCAT-254, Ibex, SIZE= 24" H x 16" L, PRICE= $1,550.00
  48. SCAT-255(A), Lion with Snake, by Barye, SIZE= 14" H x 21" L, PRICE= $2,360.00 (B) Lion with Snake, by Barye, SIZE=7 1/2" H x 8" L, PRICE= $520.00


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