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Unique candelabras, wall sconces, center pieces, and candlesticks for your home.

  1. E-1, Large angel candelabras (18K dore' gold finish, black or white marble) Not Wired. SIZE= 41 " H, PRICE= $7,500.00
  2. E-2, Lady candelabras (Black or green patina, malachite base w/18K dore' gold appliques.) SIZE= 32 " H, PRICE= $7,000.00
  3. E-3, Lady candelabras (Black or green patina, bronze base w/18K dore' gold appliques.), SIZE= 32 " H, PRICE= $5,500.00
  4. E-4, Cherubs (L&R 18K dore' gold), SIZE= 17 " H, PRICE= $3,200.00
  5. E-5, Cassellets (Malachite & dore' gold also available in black & gold bronze), SIZE= 18 " H, PRICE= $7,000.00
  6. E-6, Male & Female wall sconces (Large , all bronze & 18K dore' bronze), SIZE= 38" H, PRICE= $5,500.00
  7. E-7,Crystal & bronze center piece bowl (Cut crystal, 18K dore' bronze), SIZE= 14 " x 20", PRICE= $2,250.00
  8. E-8, Vase (Art nouveau by CL. Vibert, 18K dore' bronze), SIZE= 17", PRICE= $2500.00
  9. E-9, Cherub candelabra ("Single" lg. 18K dore' gold & bronze), SIZE= 30" H, PRICE= $3,200.00
  10. E-10, Empire candle sticks ("Pair" 18K dore' gold, white or black marble), SIZE= 20" H, PRICE= $2,800.00
  11. E-11, Obelisk (Marble w/bronze appliques, sold in pairs, five colors & malachite), SIZE= 30 " H, PRICE= $2,100.00
  12. E-12, Pedestals (D.H. Chiparus in pairs, bronze plaque signed, five colors), SIZE= 41 " H, PRICE= $3,200.00
  13. E-13, Figurine "Judith" by Moreau (Solid silver, jewelry w/semi jewels), SIZE= 20 " H, PRICE= $2,500.00

    Note: All items are made from lost wax method and real gold plating. Production time usually 3-6 weeks if items is not in stock. Deposits are required to secure your order and guarantee delievery.

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