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"The Heroic Mountain Man"
after Frederic Remington.

"The Monumental Blind Justice"
after Mayer.

"The Heroic Giraffe"
after M. Turner.

"The Monumental Eagle"
after M. Nardini.

Piece measures 133" H x 96" L x 50" W,

Piece measures 66" H x 17" L x 25" W,

Piece measures 87" H x 55" L x 20" W,

Piece measures 53" H x 37" L x 53" W,

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A Monumental Announcement

Now you can order monumental bronze sculptures of famous old world master and the best known western artist. Monumental and heroic versions modeled after Frederic Remington, C.M. Russell, P.J. Mene, Barye, Rodin, Auguste Moreau, Moigniez, Chiparus, Nardini, E. Labroue, F. Girardon, Marina, Castano, and many more. Over 150 monumental bronze sculptures to choose from.

Designers, decorators, architects, churches, museums, corporate clients, entertainment facilities, clubs, restaurants, and even collectors have access to monumental bronze sculptures through "The Four Winds Collection" world wide web page. We have western, animals (lions, tigers and bears oh my), horses, birds, sea life, male and female figures, religious, and tables for the garden, lobby, or courtyard.

Most monumentals will be shipped by truck within the USA and will require some form of lift equipment for unloading. International orders will go by boat.


When you inquire about a piece please specify the item number (MUN-002H), description, and any special requirements you might need, i.e. mounting hardware, patina, installation requirements, and unloading. Also specify shipping location include city, country, and zip or local shipping codes.

As a rule weight and price can be estimated from the height. These are only estimates and some pieces will weigh and cost more or less depending on the complexity of the piece. Prices subject to change.

Height Range--Weight Range, pounds---Price Range,US$

25-30 inches............65 to 200............$800-$2,000

36-48 inches...........300 to 400............$3,000-$5,000

60-84 inches...........500 to 800 ...........$7,500-$14,000

over 96 inches........1000 plus .............$16,000 and up

Make all initial inquires by electronic mail at :Four Winds Collection.

We will get back to you as some as possible with availability and cost. If we need more information we will contact you by electronic mail or by telephone.

When you inquire include your full name, business name, email address, a telephone number, and the best time to call.

For USA orders we will accept personal checks, money orders and credit cards. Allow extra 10 business days for personal checks to clear. For international orders we will accepts checks drawn on USA banks only or bank wire transfers. Add $40 for wire transfers.

The following information is provided by Four Winds Collection based on material received from the foundry. Errors and omissions are not the responsibility of Four Winds Collection.

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