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panther attacking a stag bronze sculptureClassicBronze.com Featured Presentation of Artist A. L. Barye, Gary Castell, and Harry Weber

Artist shown include A. L. Barye, Gary Castell, and Harry Weber

Winter by Marilyn NewmarkClassicBronze.com Presentation of Artist Marilyn Newmark - No Longer Available

No Longer Available - Award winning artist Marilyn Newmark

Old Glory Bronze Sculptures ClassicBronze.com Presentation of Sculptures on Display at Old Glory Antique Marketplace - Frederick Maryland

Tom Knapp Lumber Camp At Night NO LONGER AVAILABLE ClassicBronze.com Present A Consignment Sculpture of Tom Knapp's Lumber Camp At Night - Located in Washington State


We have represented four West Coast/California-based bronze sculpture foundries with a combined 90 plus years of experience. Each foundry is committed to maintain high standards, artist integrity and product quality. Most Classical Edition bronze sculpture are available from the foundries and are made by the lost wax process in the USA. We will select from the foundry that gives you the best buy for your dollar and meets your delivery date.

Do not get fooled by the other dealers selling at half the price. They are made from lower quality bronze alloy and made outside the USA. Remember you get what you pay for and quality is not that much more expensive.

The following list represents a sample of the high quality bronze figures (statues) we can provide to the public. If you do not see what you're looking for ask. Check out the . New Art Deco Editions. We will continue to add Original and Limited Edition bronze pieces from all foundries as they become available. We are also adding many original bronze sculptures by current artist and we will be showing sculptures we have in our shop in Frederick, Maryland.

Check out our newest feature, images of original Frederic Remington Broncho Buster sold at major auctions houses over the last ten years.

Prices are subject to change and vary between foundries for the same item. We will contact you before completing your order if the price has changed by more than 10 percent.

All bronze sculptures will be shipped from the foundry after payment has cleared. Most items are ready to ship, however allow about 4 weeks maximum for delivery. Bronzes marked with (T) or over 135 pounds will be shipped by truck within the U.S.A. Large international orders will go by boat.

The following information is provided by Four Winds Collection based on material received from the foundry. Errors and omissions are not the responsibility of Four Winds Collection.

All prices are in U.S. funds.

Warranty Information

Monumental Bronze Sculpture Collection

Wickenburg Arizona Installation June 2010

bronco buster
Wickenburg Arizona Bronco Buster and Rattlesnake wickenburg momumental

The Monumental Bronze Sculptures new momumental


Derby Winner
Equestrian Bronze Sculpture
Wildlife Bronze Sculpture
Western Bronze Sculpturenew bronze sculptures.

Frederic Remington Sculptures .
Male and Female Figurine Classical Sculptures
More Male and Female Figurine Classical Bronzes - Part II



New Art Deco Bronze Sculptures - shown in catalog format. Catalog includes high quality Art Deco sculptures almost like the originals by Chiparus. Real ivory at a higher cost. (Only within the USA).
New French Empire Collection - shown in catalog format. Catalog includes candelabras, wall sconces, vases, candle sticks, and pedestals. Some gold plated.
New French Classical Marble Pedestals No longer available. Catalog includes French Classical Pedestals.
Art Deco Dancer Bronzes - New Additions.
New Mini Bronzes - New Additions.
Over 60 More Classic Bronzes - shown in catalog format. Catalog includes the following bronze subjects: art deco, European, contemporary, western, birds, animals, children, dolphins, horses,and mythology.
. . . .
The Lost Wax Process - The process used to create "The Four Winds Bronze Sculpture Collection".

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We are in the process of making a catalog available via a CD. Price has not been set.

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